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the Solar Century P475 Pendant

Elegant shape with LED's as the Green Heart of Century P475.

A Celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Solar, Designed as a tribute to lamp designs of the past century, but integrated with the latest and best of LED technology.

"Light is Life - the lamp is art cellebrating light, which we use to decorate our homes and reflect our personality. They have to be elegant and functional" Alexandra Alexiou.

The delicate lines and micro prismatic surfaces creates a wonderful environment with high quality colour rendered light.

When turned off, it acts discrete and elegant. Turned on it really lights up warm and beautifully.

Solar Century P475 LED pendel, pendant by Alexiou & Tryde Design

The Century P 475 pendant is designed for SOLAR  - Further details, inquireries and purchase click here

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Audiovector R11 Arreté

The Reference Loudspeaker

Exclusive reference loudspeakers, shaped by 35 years of intense listening and sound reproduction experience. The Audiovector R11 Arreté is a set of astonishing high precision instruments.

An evolutionary development. Every detail has been on the drawing board for optimisation and detailing. Even the screws is custom design.

On the back is a lid attached using high strength magnets, to discretly open up to the A6 formation tri-wiring terminal box. From here the custom cryogenic treated wires go down through the dedicated port in the Aluminium plinth and out back or down to a stealth floor connection. Every speaker houses 12 drivers and packs a punch from the deepest of bass to the highest pitch of sound. Introduced in 2009. Design by Jacob Willer Tryde


Porcelain vases.

Designed to be dependent on each other, these beings

lean on one another to keep their mutual balance.

The material is raw satin polished Bone China and it invites to touch and sense it.

MUTUALISMUS is the German word for mutualism. Mutualism refer to a specific type of social interaction defined by two members being mutually dependant for survival.

Designed by Alexandra Alexiou 2005

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Integrating Function with Aesthetics.

The BLOOM pendant designed 2014 by Alexandra Alexiou and Jacob Willer Tryde for Italian Linea Light s.r.i. as part of Their MA&DE series (Material and Design).

The flower in the pendant act as a heatsink for the LED's, ensuring low operational temperature, which again assures long lifespan and maximum light output. The light is powerful and dimmable.

The CooLED LED Light engine

Lighting up.

Designed to provide a new flexible platform replacing the high consuming incandescent light bulb.

With the Light engine core and the unique TIR lense system, the CooLED light engine can easily adapt to any lighting profiles nescessary. It minimises light waste and the innovative heatsink keeps the LED temperature low preserving long lifespan with maximum light efficiency while in operation.

Invented, Designed and Globally patented by Alexandra Alexiou and Jacob Willer Tryde.

Matured in collaboration with the Danish Technical University - department of Photonics, Danish Technical Institute, CB Svendsen A/S and Louis Poulsen Lighting in an EUDP funded green-tech project.

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Copenhagen lucent

Street lighting Fixture.

Classical shape containing the Copenhagen city spirit, but upgraded with LED technology and an option to customise according to the City or district profile. Designed for OSRAM 2013.

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