Alexiou & Tryde - 3D Printing, Design and Strategy


With the competencies, experience and industrial network of Alexiou & Tryde Design, we quickly managed to get a clear sense of what 3D printing could do in our Manufacturing line and Supply chain. Being able to cut corners and avoid trivial mistakes proved positive impact on part function, part quality, delivery speed and cost, using 3D printing.

As a result of the pilot and strategic consultations with Alexiou & Tryde Design, H. Lundbeck established a dedicated team continuing the work on identifying parts and applications to increase the benefits of digital warehousing and value of 3D printing.

— Claus Rützou, Senior Maintenance Planner, H. Lundbeck A/S

Alexiou & Tryde Design are among the thought leaders on the Danish AM scene, and we have enjoyed working with Jacob on projects needing that extra edge. Among the more visible – and one that helped put Addifab and Danish recycler Plastix on the map as suppliers of sustainable innovation – was the design and development of the award statuette for the Innovation Fund’s 2020 awards. A beautiful combination of Danish Design and Danish sustainability.

— Lasse G. Staal, CEO, Addifab ApS

Innovation Award

Innovation Fund Denmark.

A Statuette designed by Alexiou & Tryde Design, for manufacturing using the Danish Company AddiFabs Freeform Injection Molding technology (FIM). The material is Recycled fishnet provided by another Danish Company, Plastix.

The statuettes where awarded to Innovative Danish Tech in an event with the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science in Copenhagen January 2020.

Innovation Fund Denmarks Awards 2020, Innovationsfonden priser 2020, Alexiou & Tryde Design

3D printing Strategy

Product and Business value

Providers of knowledge, network and 3D printing for Companies wanting to access the Speed, Flexibility and Cost savings from integrating 3D printing in supply chains.

It can benefit everything from Prototypes, Products,

sub-components, tooling, spareparts etc.

We know the processes and parameters of 3D printing and use it to plan and project part cost.

HYPERSPOT Design for 3D printing, ALexiou & Tryde Design

Design for 3D printing

Geometrical optimisation

Known as DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing)

3D printing offers a new way in terms of thinking and designing products.

However the manufacturing method differs a lot from previous traditional ways and often it's not a good fit to print "old" designs directly. It pays of in rate of success, cost and functionality to optimise for the 3D printing process intended.

We've designed for various 3D printing technologies and know how to optimise for among others FDM, SLS, SLA, SLM/DMLS, DLP(FIM) and WAAM.

Digital Blueprints

CAD and 3D modelling

We can model Your idears.

We can also model the components and spareparts of your physical inventory and they can be improved too.

With 3D printing it's no longer nescessary to juggle different terms with different vendors, minimum orders, lead times, discontinued parts or to carry huge inventory's. A transition can be made to a supply chain where you print the amount of parts of different sorts you need, where you need them and when you need them.

3D printed spareparts assortment, Alexiou & Tryde Design
3D printed spareparts, Alexiou & Tryde Design
Additive World Conference 2016 in Eindhoven - Jacob Willer Tryde

Public talks

The state of 3D printing 

Invite us to Enlighten and Inspire.

Be informed about 3D printing and it's role in the Industry 4.0 transformation.

Learn about Technologies, Materials, Applications and Business opportunities, now and ahead.

Over the years we've done public talks and contributed to Conferences, Seminars and Education.

We use our own dedicated material. Illustrations, Graphs, Geometries and Product Designs.

We can give general talks or focus on areas of significant interest and relevance to you and your business.

You can be inspired by a brief talk for 30 minutes or we can Orchestrate a 3D printing deep dive in a full day seminar.